Scott Reas

Mergers and Acquisitions Associate

Scott Reas is one of North America’s most accomplished Retail Auto SME’s. Scott created the original Sonic Automotive General Manager Academy after a long and successful career as a Multi-Line dealer. As a senior Coach at NCM Scott lead hundreds for NCM of dealers in workshops and through rigorous financial and Business turn-around. Most recently Scott and his team have worked as Dealer Profitability, Employee / Customer Experience, Engagement and Advocacy / Loyalty coaches for Audi, BMW, Ford, Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz dealers in the USA, Canada and Asia on all aspects of Profit enhancement and employee and customer experience improvement. Scott Reas is a 1977 Graduate of Michigan State University’s Broad School of Business. Scott Reas contributes 37 years of automotive management experience with a particular emphasis in Dealership operations, accounting / bookkeeping and Advertising/marketing (Digital and Media) to the Dealer Solutions North America team.
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