Dealer Solutions Mergers and Acquisitions has 7 regional offices across North America, meaning we understand the industry and we understand your local market. DSMA provides strategic mergers and acquisitions services to automotive and heavy equipment retailers and manufacturers.
We’ve crossed the finish line on more than 170 deals.

We are car people

Dealer Solutions sets our sights far beyond mergers and acquisitions. We live and breathe the automotive industry – from the automaker’s perspective to the retail space. Our connections with key influencers give us exclusive access to industry news and trends – to better serve our clients.

Continuing to push the boundaries

What sets Dealer Solutions apart is not what we do, but how we do it better. We’ve built our entire organization around great car people who are empowered to create the best solutions for our clients. And because of the superior value we deliver and our unique process, new clients and talent are joining us in record numbers.

We speak your language

The dealership M&A process can be a minefield to navigate if it’s not your job to know the exact steps to take. That’s why working along side Dealer Solutions gives you professional knowledge and custom solutions that only comes from a wealth of automotive industry expertise.

Focused on solutions

Dealer Solutions cares about our clients, their dealerships and their aspirations. Our dedicated team of automotive professionals work closely with dealers to guide them through every stage of the selling process – from valuing and strategic planning right through to the closing and transition – ensuring that their goals are achieved.

Selling Or Buying A Dealership Isn’t A DIY Project

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*Dealership Transactions refers to the revenue generated by the Dealerships that DSMA have sold or appraised.
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